Professional Bellydance Performance and Instruction Based in the Greater Milwaukee Area

Information for our performance packages is listed below.  Please feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have any questions!

Performance Packages
Zephyr Bellydance is available for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, community events, parades, and more! 
If you are interested in having Zephyr perform at your event, please contact us! 
*Please note that Zephyr does not perform for male only events.*

2 Song Performance, approximately 10 minutes

Bellydance Show
4 Song Performance, approximately 20 minutes

Mini Bellydance Lesson
30 minute lesson
*5-minute performance in class-wear available at extra cost*

Taste of Bellydance Demonstration
3 15-minute mini-lessons with 3 5-minute performances
*Performances are not in full costume, but in class-wear

The Milwaukee Bellydance Collective

The Milwaukee Bellydance Collective is comprised of several Milwaukee-area professionals, serious hobbyist dancers, and occasionally student troupes.  The Collective is available for community performances such as fairs, parades, festivals, nursing homes, and more!   Dancers participating in Collective events are selected by Zephyr Bellydance.  Show length can be tailored to your needs.

Have you ever wondered why professional entertainers seem so expensive?  If so, we encourage you to read an article that one of our fellow dancers from Florida put together.  You can find it online, by clicking here.

Booking Information