Professional Bellydance Performance and Instruction Based in the Greater Milwaukee Area

Map & Info
Check out the map below for information on workshop location, show location, lodging, and food. 

1. Workshop Location
West Allis Recreation Center: 2450 S 68th St, West Allis, WI.  There is a parking lot right next to the building.

2. Showcase Location

West Milwaukee Intermediate School Liberace Auditorium: 5104 W Greenfield Ave, Milwaukee, WI.  Main parking lot and entrance at rear of school, and street parking.  Handicapped entrance on the ground level at the East side of the front of the building.

3.  Lodging

Best Western Hotel: 5501 W National Ave, Milwaukee. For anyone that is in need of overnight accommodations, just a few of blocks away from the showcase facility.  Don't wait too long to make your reservations by calling 414-671-6400!  Rooms have a fridge, a microwave, continental breakfast, and a restaurant on-site. 

4. Food Options

Miller Park Way is a few blocks East of the Liberace Auditorium and runs North and South.  There are several options for dining – both fast food and casual.  There is also a Target and a grocery store.

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The Workshops!
Join us for a day of fabulous workshops with the incomparable Karim Nagi!  Workshop location and exact times to be announced soon!  You may register for workshops using the Workshop Registration form. 

10am-12pm Morning Workshop: Dancing For Drummers, Drumming for Dancers
This revolutionary class will bring dancers and drummers together, to teach them how to perform and interact. The drummers will learn the famous Arabic rhythms, phrases, and drum solo themes. The dancers will learn how to respond to each rhythmic phrase, how to coordinate their body isolations with each drum passage, and how to dance properly with a drum solo. Both dancers and drummers will learn how to both lead and follow each other. Improvisation will be taught, as well as how to develop an entire Drum Solo Dance routine, with a perfect climax and finale ending!

1:30pm-3:30pm Afternoon Workshop: Arabic Folk Dance
This class is an intensive introduction to the traditional group dances from the Arab world. These dances are primarily unisex, and emphasize synchronicity and group cohesion. This workshop includes Dabka Line Dance, Basic Tahteeb/Assaya Cane Dance, and the group-healing ritual motions found in Zikr and Zar practices. Each dance is taught efficiently as an introduction to the style, and is an initiation into possible future study. These dances are less glamourous than the performance-oriented heroism of the solo dances found in the Arab world. These are the dances done by "The People" in social, celebratory, and spiritual group settings. They can be taught to dancers at any level, as both a cultural and artistic experience. The group movements and concepts can later be extrapolated into performance-calibre skills and themes. 

Workshop Registration

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Karim Nagi is a native Egyptian drummer, DJ, composer and folk dancer. He is the creator of Turbo Tabla, and has released four internationally distributed CDs of this unique brand of Arab House/Electronica using acoustic instruments. Karim has authored instructional DVDs for the Tabla/Doumbek, Riqq tambourine, Maqam & Taqsim, Drum Solo for Dance, and Arab Folk Dance. He is well versed in the ultra-traditional styles of music, and has led the Sharq Arabic Music Ensemble since 1999. He promotes and fosters the study of Arab dance in the USA as the director of the Arab Dance Seminar. Karim performs and teaches Tahteeb Cane Dance, Dabka Line Dance, and Zikr Sufi Dance. He taught at the New England Conservatory of Music for 5 years, and has lectured and presented at Harvard, MIT, Yale, Bowdoin, Princeton, Stanford, William & Mary, Georgetown, and several Community Colleges. Additionally, Karim Nagi's Arabiqa program has conducted over 300 school assemblies across America, exposing young audiences to Arab traditional arts. His performances boast a dynamic concoction of live drumming and dance, done in unison. Because of his proficiency in both music and dance, his workshops deliver students to a new physical understanding of the connection between these two disciplines. As a dance and drum teacher, Karim has taught in dozens of festivals in the United States, Asia, Europe and Cairo, as well as all major Arab Culture festivals in the USA. Karim Nagi is a true crossover artist, uniting the Cabaret and Tribal, Traditional and the Modern, the Ethnic and the Urban.

The Showcase! - Doors Open at 6pm, Show Starts at 7pm
The Gala Showcase will take place at the West Milwaukee Intermediate School Liberace Auditorium. We will be featuring Karim Nagi and fabulous guest artists from the Midwest.  We will have also have a Souk for your shopping pleasure, and will be selling raffle tickets.  All raffle ticket proceeds will benefit the National MS Society.

Discounted Early Bird tickets are available using the PayPal buttons to the right.  Through February 10, 2018, Adult tickets are $10 and Child tickets (ages 3-12) are $5.  After February 10th, tickets will go up $5.  On the day of the show, admission and raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the door.  We will be able to accommodate cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.