Your Instructors

In 2005, Kelley and Stephanie walked into a bellydance class taught by Galatea Middle Eastern Dance that was hosted through their local Recreation Department, and fell in love with a new culture full of rich music and beautiful dance.  As they progressed through classes together, they built a friendship and discovered that they had very similar music and dance backgrounds.  Both had taken Western-style dance classes (jazz, tap, ballet), both participated in high school band (trombone and flute, respectively), and they even shared a birthday!

As each became more passionate about Middle Eastern Dance, they jumped on the opportunity to become founding members of their instructor's student troupe, The Desert Wind Dancers.  A new world of amazing people and fantastic events opened up to them as they began to participate in performances in Central and Southern Wisconsin, and Northern Illionois.  It soon became evident that the two possessed a drive to dance that exceeded the opportunities afforded to them through the troupe, and they started a side duet project called Zephyr Bellydance.  As Zephyr, they went on to take workshops from internationally renowned Master Instructors such as; Morocco, Mohamed Shahin, Jim Boz, Aradia, Beata & Horacio Cifuentes, Fareshteh, Tarik Sultan, Surayeh, Leila Gamal, Ruby Jazyre and Ava Fleming, and local instructors from Wisconsin and Illinois; Shaia Fahrid, Samantha Fairuz, Donna Diva, Magda, Nilaja, Zoh'ra, Mahira and Christina King.  In 2008, Kelley competed in the student category of The Maqam Challenge, a bellydance competition, and was awarded third place.  In 2009 she competed in the Maqam Challenge for a second time, and won second place!



Photo Credit: Carrie Meyer/The Dancers Eye

Photo Credit: RK Studios Photography

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